About S.A.L.U.T.E. Supplements

S.A.L.U.T.E. Supplements was created by Kenny Knight. Kenny served in the United States Marine Core for 8 years in the Marine Infantry and as a Drill Instructor. He also served in the United States Army for 8 years as a Leadership Instructor and Forward Observer. After retiring from the military he founded Rage Fitness and has remained in the fitness industry for over 26 years.

Kenny "The Nightmare" Knight Marine Drill Instructor

Through the years he has seen incredible body transformations with his clientele and gym members. The success of these programs have been remarkable, but Kenny wanted to help his clients and others take their fitness to another level.

With so many different supplements in the world today there are only a few that really can deliver. Finding the right supplement can be difficult. So Kenny decided to take his expertise and bring you S.A.L.U.T.E. Supplements.  Only the richest ingredients and most effective blends are used to bring you the best. S.A.L.U.T.E. Supplements are designed to help you maximize your workouts, recovery, and help you achieve your peak level of fitness.

S.A.L.U.T.E. is an acronym used in the military to gain intel on the enemy. In this case, the enemy is whatever is keeping you from reaching your fitness goals and becoming your best self.

SIZE: What's your goal? Do you want to build muscle, lose fat, gain weight, etc.

ACTIVITY: What type of training are you interested in? Bodybuilding, sports training, power lifting, circuit training, etc.

LOCATION: Where do you workout? Home, gym, gymnasium, outdoors, etc.

UNIT: Who do you workout with? Partner, alone, class, personal trainer, etc.

TIME AND DAY: Do you workout in the mornings, midday, evenings and workout certain muscle groups on certain days?

EQUIPMENT: What type of equipment do you workout with? Weights, tires, ropes, ladders, etc.

The key to success is creating the best plan, then executing. With S.A.L.U.T.E. Supplements, you will have the the fuel necessary to turn your goals into your reality.